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From Little Acorns

Almost a decade ago in a garden shed backing on to the Wyre Forest, Peter Edwards began making Pork Pies for his family and friends. As a respected Butcher, Deer Stalker, and well-known member of the community. It didn’t take long for word of his endeavour to get around. What began as pottering around in the garden shed had become the beginning of what the Wyre Pie Company is today.

In 2014, we gained a 5 Star rating from the authorities and in 2017, after much uncertainty and deliberation, we moved to our unit in Tenbury. In 2019, we opened our Butchery shop and have served the local communities with quality products, outstanding customer service, and value for money ever since.

Our Story

Small Town Success

British people love the underdog, local hero, and job well done. In 2022, we did just that. The cost-of-living crisis, people’s attitudes to waste and environmental sustainability made us think about how we can do our bit.

We have a great deal of experience when it comes to Game produce. We live in the Shires; our name is linked to the Wyre Forest and our owner is a Deer Stalker of some repute. Game is good quality meat, value for money and when sourced responsibly is beneficial to the environment too.

We entered the Eat Game Awards. A relatively new scheme created to raise the profile of Game produce nationally. After several rounds of scrutiny and voting, we made the Grand final. Even after all the hard work, taster days and liaison with the local schools we were still very sceptical. We only went won it. National recognition for job well done.

Our Story

The World is Changing

Every generation blames the one before. Not at the Wyre Pie Company. Sustainability, awareness of our own environmental impact and planning for our future as a responsible supplier are hot topics. We have made significant progress with sustainable packaging provision. Our introduction of new bags and paper-based packaging has been well received. Striking a balance between our moral and lawful obligations is a difficult task. Made more difficult by peoples increasing “cost conscious “approach to spending and the much higher cost of sustainable packaging. Little wins like placing larger orders to improve individual price point. The bigger the order, the less frequent they are. Reducing our Carbon footprint as an organisation too.

Our Story

You Are What You Eat

Quality, value, and consistency. Our commitment to these ideas is serious. Wherever we are able, we source quality local produce. The relationship with our customers is only as good as the service we offer. The relationships we have with our suppliers is equally important. They know how aware customers are of the importance of local. Together we work to achieve this goal. It might cost a “bob or two” more, but “you get what you pay for”.

Our Story